Crystal Thornton Mobile Cleaning Service, LLC - FAQ
Crystal Thornton Mobile Cleaning Service, LLC - Specialize in Boats, RV's, Auto's, Motorcycles & Homes
 Frequent Ask Question
Why Detail?
Your vehicle is an investment. Protect your investment by detailing regularly. A clean vehicle increase vehicle value and is integral elements of the first impression others have of you.
What Is Detailing?
Detailing is a systematic approach of cleaning, reconditioning and preserving the various surfaces of a vehicle.A basic clean & vacuum typically takes an hour, a mini-detail about 2 hours and a full auto detail takes about 3-4 hours per vehicle. Boats and RV's usually take longer time
How Often Should I Have My Vehicle Detailed?
It is a great idea to detail your vehicle twice a year. This will protect the exterior paint and keep your interior looking like new. Generally the ideal frequency for vehicle that are driven daily is once every three months.
How Does Mobile Auto Detailing Work?
Mobile detailer come equipped with all materials including water. Very minimal (less than 1/2 gallon typically of water is used.Imagine saving time & money while your vehicle is cleaned at work, home or shopping. No more waiting in line wasting gas.
What Vehicles Do We Detail?
We detail and shapes and sizes of cars from small economy cars to super cars, and we have experience of preparing cars for manufacturers at major events. We also detail motor homes, light aircrafts, helicopters, boats, jet skis, and motorcycles.
How Do You Do Mobile Detailing At My Home Or Place Of Work?
We are a professional service that provide a very unique service. We are fully self-contained. We bring our own water, our own electricity and all of the supplies we need to do the job right. We are capable of doing multiple vehicle at virtually any location.
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